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New Website And Blog

  • 01 November 2013
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Rhino-Rack's redesigned website is now online! With a stunning new look and loads more content than ever before to help with your buying decision - we're sure you'll love using our new website. Now as part of our revamped web presence we've also set up our own blog! Our team has lots of great content we're planning to share including:

  • Handy advice for using your roof racks and accessories
  • Important Announcements
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Industry news
  • Behind the scenes
  • Photography

We look forward to your readership so please stay tuned!!


  1. James Lumbers

    My Foxwing is coming apart simply from driving along. I keep complaining but nobody does anything. Potential buyers be warned.

    27/03/2018 10:35:52 AM Reply Report Abuse
  2. Tony Kidd

    Do you make a Kayak SUP that also comes with a bike fitting ?

    02/03/2015 07:36:48 PM Reply Report Abuse
  3. Bruce Day

    Hi my fox wing went flying over the top of my car and broke 1 pole in the roof part and 2 of those hinges that slide into the poles. I see I can get the service kit for the hinges but is it p***able to get the poles for the top. Hope that's clear, my post code is 6280. Regards Bruce

    27/01/2015 07:39:51 PM Reply Report Abuse
  4. Mike Matheson

    The lack of acoustic design (The Whistling Rack Saga) is google weary and customers heading away from Rhino as a result. Whats the fix guys?

    03/01/2015 03:50:55 PM Reply Report Abuse

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