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Corona Beckman

  • 01 December 2014

Corona Beckman | Rhino-Rack


Corona Beckman is a hard working athlete who has set her goal of being the best in her sport by improving one race at a time.

Corona started BMX riding in 2014 riding in the Open Men's Competition at her club to challenge herself and to also participate in a larger competition. During the short time she has been competitively racing, Corona has improved remarkably with her speed, technique and jumps.

Her first State Championship competition was in October 2014 at Southside BMX Club in Bulls Creek, WA. She finished 9th and was officially ranked in the Top 10 riders in WA with only 6 months of competitive racing under her belt.

Corona's last competitive race was at the Bunbury BMX Club where she competed in 3 separate events:

  • 16+ Womens 20": Finished 1st in all 3 races
  • 19+ Womens Cruiser: Finished 1st, 2nd and 2nd in her races
  • 17+ Womens 20" Cruiser: Finished 3rd in all 3 races

Outside of training and riding, Corona is still studying and busy working 2 separate jobs. She will be working hard in the off season to get ready for next seasons races.

Her goals and aspirations for 2015 will be to rank in the Top 8 in the State for her 20" BMX and Top 4 in the State for her 24" Cruiser.

Keep an eye out for CORONA Beckman in the 2015 BMX National Championships!




  1. sue Thaotama

    Well done Corinna love mummy.xoxo

    03/02/2015 02:30:34 AM Reply Report Abuse
  2. Dave Clarke

    That's my girl. Fully supporting you all the way!!!!!!

    31/01/2015 02:36:18 PM Reply Report Abuse

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