Smokey and the Bandit Rally for Cancer Council

Smokey and the Bandit Rally for Cancer Council

  • 24 April 2015
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Cancer is the worst. That’s a lesson we’ve all learnt, whether it’s been a personal fight, a family struggle or a celebrity in the news, we’ve seen too many succumb to Cancer.

Feeling heartbroken is the natural reaction to loss but achieving positive outcomes is far more valuable. Rhino-Rack celebrates when society bands together and creates events that garner positive attention and raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council.

The Shitbox Rally is Australia’s most spectacularly dodgy car race that exemplifies society banding together and achieving positive outcomes. The Cancer Council endorses and supports the rally and since it’s birth in 2009 has raised over 4 million dollars.

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Rhino-Rack pimped the ride of team Smokey and the Bandit with all their roof rack needs in 2015. We installed a Vortex Bar system and an XTray that will support the necessary supplies for the arduous week long journey from Canberra to Townsville.

Team Smokey and the Bandit, better known as Jai Rankin and Jonathan Frost, bought a 1992 model Volvo 960 for $600 (rally rules stipulate that cars must be worth less than $1,000) and painted it up as a striking resemblance to the Pontiac Trans Am that Burt Reynolds steered to glory in a way the boys are planning to emulate

Some prerequisites for the Rally are;

-    Each team needs to raise a minimum of $4,000
-    A cars value may not exceed $1,000
-    Outrageous team names and personalities encouraged

Smokey and the Bandit join a cast of over two hundred teams that are racing to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Jonathan Frost is hitting the road with good intentions for his car but knows from experience in 2014 that ol’ Smokey may not survive.

“Most people wouldn’t think about driving a car worth less than $1,000 on the road at all, let alone on a 4000km road trip taking in some of the worst roads Australia can offer.” Said Frost.

Team Smokey and the Bandit hit the $4,000 fundraising amount easily then tasked themselves with reaching $7,000. They’ve just hit that target and are extending themselves to fund-raise $10,000 in the name of cancer research.

“Whilst we have hit our initial goal of $7,000, we are now trying to meet a goal of $10,000 so sponsorship of any kind would be appreciated.” Said Frost

The link to sponsor is

This Rally will test a driver’s stamina, a team’s commitment and a cars heart. At the end of the day any hardship is a small sacrifice for the greater good.

“It is a great feeling to be doing something so worthwhile. Aiding Cancer Research is vital. I’ll be updating our page so follow the journey both on the road and in the dust.” Said Frost

Rhino-Rack is cheering for you Frosty and Rankin!

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  1. Jonathan Frost

    Thanks Again to the Team at Rhino Rack for the support - the Xtray will be invaluable when the rally departs in 11 Days.

    27/04/2015 10:55:26 AM Reply Report Abuse

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