Rhino Rack Supports King of the Bra Surf Comp
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Rhino Rack Supports King of the Bra Surf Comp

  • 05 May 2015
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King of the Bra surf competition is special; it is an invitational event for Maroubra surfers only, it was held on Anzac Day and ceremoniously pays respect to all walks of Australian life from an indigenous opening ceremony to a pie eating contest, the competition is held triennially - giving the winner three uncontested years as King of Maroubra.

Rhino-Rack supports Australians in the pursuit of excellence and in projects that positively build communities. We appreciate when personal dedication and commitment to new experiences result in improvement for all. For the first time Rhino-Rack partnered with the surfing event King of the Bra. We contributed roof rack systems for place-getters and prize packs for all competitors.

rhino rack, monty tait, koby abberton, mark matthews, king of the bra(Monty Tait digging the nose and throwing the tail. Pic: Rick Roper)

On Anzac Day 2015 recognition and remembrance dawned with the first glimmer of daylight. From Maroubra beach the sky was brilliant. The early light was a mix of soft orange and pink hues. Small puffs of cloud spread from the horizon up looked like a thousand paratroopers dropping into action.

Event organiser Paul McAneney was born in New Zealand then moved to Maroubra in the 70s. He became a part of the community and has held this contact close to his heart ever since. He is a great example of what the Anzac tradition has come to mean.

I am passionate about connecting the older and younger generations of Maroubra. The history here is what makes this place deserve respect and these different groups of society need to understand each other for it to be passed on.” McAneney said.

This was the goal of starting the King of the Bra event and a concept that Rhino-Rack is glad to back.

The idea is to showcase the legends from the area and give them respect. Maroubra has enough talent in the water that friendly competition gives these guys a chance to shine and represent.” McAneney said.

A testament to the talent in the water is a 10-point ride scored in the event.

rhino rack, surf competition, king of the bra, koby abberton, mark matthews, blake thornton(Blake Thornton sliding through to the final. Pic: Rick Roper)

Blake Thornton pulled into what beachgoers thought was an unmake-able barrel. The judges almost missed it as he came screaming out of the tube with enough speed to destroy the end section with a huge snap. The crowd blew up and the judges threw tens.” Said McAneney.

King of the Bra invited 12 Maroubra surfers including reigning champ Jake Scott, local legend Koby Abberton and Big Wave Specialist Mark Matthews (who right after flew to Chile for a big wave event and made the finals in huge waves).

From the outstanding group of athletes involved it was Blake Thornton who topped everyone. While stoked with the King of the Bra crown and the $3,000 prize money Thornton reflected on the next generation coming through the ranks.

It was the grommet expression session that I really liked. It just shows how great the future is for Maroubra.” Thornton said.

Keep an eye on Maroubra car roof tops for more Rhino-Rack products as second place getter Mark Matthews and Legend winner Barry Dickson were awarded any full Rhino-Rack’s systems of their choosing to fit any car.

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