NT Trip Sydney to Qld Through Barringun

NT Trip Sydney to Qld Through Barringun

  • 06 May 2015
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The Rhino-Rack convoy is gripping Australia’s red earth as they charge north.

Now on the road Team Rhino executives have left their work names behind and will now be known by code names Tangles (Rich Cropley), Ern (Ernesto Fernandez), Snapper (Ben Hathaway) and Jono (Johnson Mathews) as they embrace the Northern Territory adventure they’ve embarked upon.

Team Rhino left Sydney on Sunday 3rd May at 10:30am shooting North-West through the Blue Mountains. They completed the first eight-hour drive and camped out at Byrock for the night. With Rhino-Rack’s adventure products and Darche swag’s the team slept comfortably under a million stars and let all traces of city living slip away.

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The Tattersall’s Hotel was originally established in the 1870's and is still the original Building.  And don’t expect draught beer, there is only stubbies and cans on offer. Team Rhino stopped at Tattersall’s and shared a yarn with Mary. They were also happy to join the likes of Russel Crowe in adding their name to the visitors book. The town of Barringun is on the NSW/QLD border and so by the date of publication they have crossed state lines and are watching their backs in Maroons country.

rhino rack, NT trip, off road, tattersall's pub

Ern said, "The trip has been good so far, we've had to pick up a few spare parts and bearings for the boat trailer just in case but besides that, we've enjoyed it and can't wait to reach our destination."

“From here we hope it’s a straight drive to Mt Isa. From there we’ll assess the weather and road conditions and pick the next route.”

This is where the real adventure kicks off so stay tuned.

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