Rhino-Rack Announces Promotion of New General Manager Ernesto Fernandez

Rhino-Rack Announces Promotion of New General Manager Ernesto Fernandez

  • 14 July 2015
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Ernesto Fernandez, Rhino-Rack’s Marketing Manager, has been deservedly promoted to the leading role of Rhino-Rack General Manager.

Ernesto Fernandez, Richard Cropley, Rhino-Rack, New General Manager

Ernesto Fernandez attained an Aeronautical Engineering Degree from Sydney University and has over twenty years experience in the Automotive Industry in varied roles as an Engineer, Project Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Production Manager and Operations Manager. Throughout his career Ernesto has taken each opportunity to develop by the horns and comes into the position of General Manager of Rhino-Rack with great confidence from business owner, Richard Cropley.

With his experience and wealth of knowledge across all facets of this industry, Ernesto expects Rhino-Rack’s excellent rate of growth to continue increasing through calculated decision-making.

“I think if you have a fear of failure it is because you have not done enough checks and balances. My background in Aeronautical Engineering has me wired in a way that, no matter what I do, I am breaking down every aspect of a task, project or business proposal and ensuring it is backed with thorough analysis. So when I’m confident then I don’t have a fear of failure. My favourite saying is ‘Percolate On Everything’.”

When coffee is percolated hot water runs through coffee grounds in a continuous extraction cycle. Ernesto Fernandez has been percolating and extracting the key learnings of every task he's undertaken throughout his career. Utilising advice and available information constantly has given Rhino-Rack’s new General Manager the tools to maintain and drive this company’s growth.

Ernesto brought knowledge of running a cost effective, efficient and profit driven business to Rhino-Rack in 2011. For the past four years he has been Marketing & Business Development Manager at Rhino-Rack and has been driven by exceeding goals and continually developing his myriad of professional skills.

“At a young stage of my career I became the Head Engineer of a growing automotive company. I realised there were things I hadn’t been exposed to at University that I should know; tool making for example. There was a gentleman named George Stafford who owned a tooling workshop next door. He worked on his own, had some great machinery and worked them all himself, there was nothing George could not make. I started going in there, to learn what I could from him. That developed and I started working with him from 4:30am until 10am twice a week. Through this process I was exposed to his trade, why materials are selected, how a design translates to a production tool and eventually a cost effective production component I could draw on this information apply these learnings to make the most cost effective product possible.”

Ernesto rises to challenges and demands growth from himself and encourages it in those around him.

“Growth rates have been higher than ever in the last four years. Rhino-Rack is now exposed to some very large markets and we see nothing but continuing that trend. We’ll achieve this by maintaining our strong foundation of operations. From the floor up we’re making all the necessary technical adjustments to ensure we can keep this level of growth. And above all it is an excellent team in a great working environment that promotes current and future success for Rhino-Rack.”


  1. Donald

    Great work Ernie. Rhino is going to be heading great places.

    23/07/2015 10:16:42 AM Reply Report Abuse
  2. Andrew

    Congratulations Ernesto!

    23/07/2015 10:06:59 AM Reply Report Abuse
  3. Andrew

    Congratulations Ernesto!

    23/07/2015 10:03:20 AM Reply Report Abuse
  4. Bob Findlay

    Amazing story Ernie, congratulations on your success. I reckon with you at the top Rhino-Rack will blast into space. You're a great bloke and deserve the promotion. Well done. Regards Bob

    15/07/2015 06:52:41 AM Reply Report Abuse
  5. Peter Hazer

    Congratulations Ernie, well done. All the best to you and the team.

    14/07/2015 05:10:21 PM Reply Report Abuse
  6. Eric Dauzacker

    Congratulations Amigo, you deserve it! We have to have a coffee together and celebrate this special moment! Cheers Eric, ARB St Peters Branch Manager

    14/07/2015 04:17:24 PM Reply Report Abuse

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