Red Bull X Rhino Rack Athlete Wins Adventure Race

Red Bull X Rhino-Rack Athlete Wins Xterra Adventure Race

  • 24 August 2015
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You’ve just left the 1.5km swim through choppy seas. It took the breath out of you but with a long way to go there is no stopping. Your bike is waiting and you quickly transition to the mountain climb. The bike leg has never been your strongest but you’ve been training hard for this moment. You have the lead and can hear the grunt of competitors behind you. It pushes you forward. 30km on the bike through mountain trails and you’ll move into the run. When your adversaries are lagging you’ll be shining. When they feel tired is when you lengthen your stride and push for victory… This is what it's like inside the head of Multisport and Adventure Racing Champion Braden Currie.

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photography by Petko Beier and

Braden Currie is a Champion Multisport Athlete Rhino-Rack are proud to provide the World’s Most Useful Roof Racks to whilst he trains in his home of New Zealand. Multisport is an athletic race in a series of stages that harness different disciplines such as running, swimming, kayaking and mountain biking. The level of competition and the success Currie recently achieved is incredible.

Braden Currie competes at an international level in a mix of events. In 2015 one of his primary focuses has been the XTERRA championships. The tactical strategy involved in winning an XTERRA Multisport event is staggering. Athletes like Braden Currie are battling for victory against fierce rivals, the elements and their own stamina. These amazing athletes push themselves to the edge of collapse running, swimming and mountain biking through some of the world’s most beautifully harsh locations.

Braden Currie took top honors at the XTERRA Championship in Alabama, May 2015. He described the event as being one of ‘the tightest battles I've ever raced.’ It was the calculated pushes that tested his main opponent, Josiah Middaugh, and eventually saw Currie slice through winning by just three seconds.

In a recent update of his results Braden Currie described the action.

“The XTERRA champs, which doubled as the USA Off-road Triathlon Championships, course really surprised me. It was a lot harder and more technical than I was expecting, which made for some really fun racing. I had a reasonable swim and about mid way through the bike managed to ride myself into 1st place. This didn’t last long as 3* USA XTERRA champ and renowned cross country mountain biker Josiah Middaugh made his way to my wheel within about 20km. Soon after this, I found myself riding straight into a tree, giving Josiah the lead and making me work hard to catch him before the run. With 10km of running to go, Josiah and I were pacing each other to try and see who would blow first. This is one of the most exciting mental battles I have ever had in any race I have done in the past. We would take turns at pushing the pace hard to see if we could break a gap between each other.  But it wasn’t to be until the final 500m where I caught Josiah napping and managed to gap him by 10m and hold that gap until the finish line.” Currie said.

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This was not the first win of Currie’s season but it is one that defined his direction for the year.

“I couldn’t ask for a better start to the USA tour and my campaign towards becoming the USA XTERRA champion. In many ways the last few years has been more about trying to figure out what to pursue and what I am good at, then trying to nail down any one particular goal. Now I feel as if I have a pathway on how to be not only NZ’s best, but hopefully the World’s best.” Currie said.

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Rhino-Rack wish you best of luck in achieving your goals this year Braden Currie although we know that like all great off-road adventures it is the pre-planning and commitment that will see your dreams achieved.

Head to Braden Currie's website for more updates from this incredible athlete. (

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