Rhino-Rack Introduces All New Base Tent 2.5
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Rhino-Rack Introduces All New Base Tent 2.5

  • 04 September 2015
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  • Harry Patchett
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engineers love the outdoors and know their stuff when it comes to tents. According to them the best tents:
  • Provide shelter from the elements
  • Don’t let water pool in awkward places so you’re up in the middle of the night making adjustments
  • Allow you to stand up straight
  • Are easily accessible from multiple entry points and a breeze to set up in a breeze
  • Are well ventilated
  • Can be tinkered with to create more space and shade to your liking.
  • Have neat Velcro holding straps for battery charging devices, LED light kits and lanterns
The Rhino-Rack Base Tent 2.5m ticks all those boxes. Featuring a unique patented design, it provides durability in tough weather conditions, reliability on demanding terrain and enough comfort to give three people a great night’s sleep.

The Dome Roof provides neat water runoff and extra height which proves to be one of the useful features. The four entrance points make the Base Tent extra accessible so you’re able to move around freely. Multiple ventilation points keep you cool in summer and also keeps out the camp fire smoke and freshly caught fish smells that you can do without when going to bed. As we come into the warmer months and insects become an annoyance simply zip up the second layer of mesh screening to stay bite free.

rhino-rack, base tent 2.5m, camping
Rhino-Rack is a leading manufacturer of Vehicle Attached Shade Awnings and we’ve incorporated that experience and technology into the Base Tent 2.5m. Set up your Base Tent underneath the Sunseeker Awning in just fifteen minutes with simple clips and poles. Another sneaky feature is that the multiple entrance points enable you to access your vehicle from within the tent.

We pride Rhino-Rack products as being the most ‘Useful In The World’ and so when a new design is created we make sure that our most successful gear can work in conjunction. The Base Tent 2.5m can be transformed from a Vehicle Attached Tent into a stand-alone option or complete family sized tent with only a few additional parts.

rhino-rack, base tent 2.5m, camping, tagalong tent 

  • The Stand Alone Kit (part #32124) enables the Base Tent to stand-alone so you can use your vehicle for exploring without packing up the tent. (no Sunseeker Awning required).
  • The Tagalong Tent (part #RV5T) can easily be attached to the front entrance with the Sunseeker Extension Fly (parts #31103 or #32117) to create family sized tenting options.

With the Base Tent 2.5m your summer adventures will be more comfortable with time to kick back in reliable comfort.

Get your Base Tent 2.5m here --> http://www.rhinorack.com.au/products/shade/awnings/base-tent-2-5m_32119

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