Rhino-Rack Presents Hobie Fishing Worlds 5

Rhino-Rack Presents Hobie Fishing Worlds 5

  • 09 December 2015
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“The outstandingly beautiful Shang Lake, China, was the arena where in November 2015 a “New Legend of Shang Lake” will rise from the waters to be crowned Hobie Fishing World Champion.”
- Hobie Fishing Worlds

Will Davis, resident Rhino-Rack Hobie fanatic, engineer and photographer tells of his time in China demonstrating new Rhino-Rack Hobie Fishing Technology and recording the events as they unfolded.

The Competitors

The Hobie Fishing Worlds is by invitation only. 45 handpicked International Champion anglers whose wealth of fishing knowledge is bigger than the lake they’re fishing in. When these professionals are put into an unfamiliar arena, with identical kayaks it’s their research, practice and experience that defines who will rise to the top.

rhino-rack, hobie, hobie fishing worlds, fishing, china

The Equipment
The 10th of November dawned and the beginning of the Hobie Worlds Fishing Championship began. All competitors had a fully kitted out Hobie Pro Angler 14, fitted with XL Livewell, Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp, Powerpole Micro Anchor and Yak-Attack measuring board. Rhino-Rack demonstrated the flagship kayak loader – The NKL. No other system on the market can provide the anglers a way to load a fully rigged kayak onto the roof with just one hand. See more here - rhinorack.com.au/nautic-kayak-lifter_nkl

rhino-rack, hobie, hobie fishing worlds, fishing, china

The Opening Ceremony
The 2015 opening ceremony was a spectacular fanfare previously unseen in Hobie Worlds Championships. In traditional Chinese style with fireworks sprinkling through the sky, lovely dancers twirling in satin and silk and passionate notes of welcome made by dignitaries and Hobie the anticipation for the coming morning was high

rhino-rack, hobie, hobie fishing worlds, fishing, china

Lowrance Navigation Day
At first light 45 anglers made their way to the arena. In front of them were long lines of rigged kayaks and the smooth waters of Shang Lake. The Lowrance Navigation Day allowed competitors to familiarise themselves with the Hobie Kayaks and the waterways. With the assistance of the Lowrance Elite 4 Chirps, the anglers could explore the lake, finding fish rich ground and further refine the tactics they’d been working on for months through translated Chinese fishing forums, Google earth reconnaissance and as much fishing as possible. The rules strictly forbid the use of any fishing equipment on the day.

rhino-rack, hobie, hobie fishing worlds, fishing, china

Power-Pole Pre-Fish Day
12th November 2015 was the first time the anglers could spin a reel and throw a lure. Finn Hansen landed the fish of the day – a 147cm Yellow Cheek Carp using a frog surface popper. The secret was held close to his chest, however word spread about where he had caught the monster. There was no chance that the spot will be free of other anglers in the morning.

Although there were 45 of the best Kayak anglers fishing the lake, only 3 fish were caught on the Power-Pole Pre-Fish Day. Spirits were still high, the sight of such an enormous fish being caught out of the lake only caused the anglers to cast further and think like the fish they were chasing.

With the first few days of competition completed the champion was yet to be crowned. Part 2 of the Hobie Fishing Worlds Championship will be posted with more fantastic images next week…

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