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How to use the Rhino Rack Ski and Snowboard Carriers

  • 21 April 2016
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Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carriers 

Hitting the slopes with your pals is one of the best remedies for those winter blues. But when your friends start putting their hands up, wanting to join in on the fun, there is a good chance that someone's gear isn't going to fit. Rhino-Rack's Ski and Snowboard Carriers can accommodate much of the equipment, so you can rest assure that no one has to miss out on the fun.

This "how to" guide will assist you in getting your required gear to the mountains safely and securely.

1. Pick your size for how much you want to carry

Rhino-Rack have a range of Ski and Snowboard Carriers to suit your needs so select the size that is most suitable for your situation.

  • Part #573 - 3 Skis or 2 Snowboards (325mm internal length)
  • Part #574 - 4 Skis or 2 Snowboards (500mm internal length)
  • Part #576 - 6 Skis or 4 Snowboards (695mm internal length)

Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carriers

2. How to use the Ski / Snowboard Carriers

The Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier includes a universal mount, enabling everyone to fit this system to a wide variety of roof racks and eliminating the need for a separate fitting kit.

Once you have installed the carrier onto your roof racks, getting your gear on and off is simple...

  1. Unlock the Masterkey™ compatible security lock
  2. Engage the push to release button
  3. Slide in your skis, snowboards, or both into place / remove your gear
  4. Push the arms down to snap it shut
  5. Lock the Masterkey™ compatible security lock and away you go

3. Have fun in the snow

Rhino-Rack have developed an easy-release locking system to reduce fumbling so you can keep your mitts toasty at all times. This is coupled with a stronger locking arm and security lock to further prevent thieves from ruining everyone's trip.

On top of this the carrier is packed to the brim with sturdy features like UV protection, mould resistant materials, waterproofing, rust proofing and a bold 5 year warranty. even doubles as a fishing rod holder for the warmer months!

Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carriers 

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  1. Paul Dekleva

    I’m interested in purchasing either the 574 or 576 ski carrier. I have a couple of questions. Can these be used for fishing rods? Can they be fitted to a heavy duty roof bar? and can they be fitted to a large Thule wire basket (2005 model)? Thank you for your time.

    26/11/2018 05:16:00 PM Reply Report Abuse

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