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Safety First Tie it Down and Lock it Up

  • 27 May 2016
  • Rhino-Rack
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Rapid Locking Strap | Rhino-Rack 

Thieves are opportunists, stealing what you have left accessible, even if only for a moment. Whether taking the kids camping, or hitting the road with friends, your gear needs to stay strapped down, and out of the hands of crooks. Rhino-Rack have redefined the traditional tie-down strap, and have designed a new, secure solution, that’s just as simple to use - the Rapid Locking Straps.

Unlike any other tie-downs on the market, there is a security stop which snaps into place when the cap is tampered with. This makes it extremely difficult for thieves to utilise anything to ‘jimmy’ it open, like a screwdriver. The Rapid Locking Straps have a locking cap that can also be completely removed. This is uniquely beneficial when compared to other cap locks, which only slide out partially, restricting access to the cam buckle.

The steel wire begins 250mm from the end; this ensures for easy installation of the webbing via the cam lock, a stronger grip, and the ease to pull it through the housing. The Rapid Locking Straps has a lashing capacity of 225kg, it’s corrosion and cut resistant. Strong, safe and highly functional, the Rapid Locking Strap is the tethering tech you’ve been waiting for and comes in four different lengths varying from 2.5m to 5.5m for different applications.

Rhino-Rack has been continually advancing the full use of tie down straps for all manner of hobbies and lifestyle. From kayaking to ladder loading the Rhino-Rack Rapid Locking Straps come with paint protecting rubber coating so your vehicle and gear is always safe.

Click on the following link for more information about the Rhino-Rack Rapid Locking Straps

Rapid Locking Strap | Rhino-Rack 


  1. sam taylor

    i use these to tie down my cats. great product.

    24/02/2019 02:54:39 PM Reply Report Abuse
  2. Andrew Garvie

    Potential buyers should be aware that once unlocked the locking cap is completely separate from the cable. Consequently you must keep track of the locking mechanism when you are threading the cable or not using the lock. This makes it easy to lose the lock.

    08/03/2017 10:34:56 PM Reply Report Abuse
  3. Ian Smith

    I'm looking forward to getting advice on 2000x1330mm I will be in contact as soon as possible. Ian,

    07/06/2016 07:31:28 PM Reply Report Abuse

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