Rhino-Rack’s Water Range - Made by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts

Rhino-Rack’s Water Range - Made by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts

  • 27 July 2016
  • Rhino-Rack
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Rhino-Rack is making fast ground with insightfully engineered products around the world, but a lot of this success is because the Engineering team that produce the products, are enthusiasts themselves. Using, learning and improving based on real experiences and needs.

Chris and his Fish
Chris Murty, Rhino-Rack’s Head Engineer grew up on the coast, which meant for him; many hours transporting boards, kayaks and all manner of adventure gear on the roof of his car - and all well before he became the Head of Engineering. Chris says, “The passion for watersports has been in my heart for a long time”.

Racing kayak on Toyota Hilux roof
Chris believes that Rhino-Rack’s human-centered designs have played the biggest role in the brand’s success. Designing products for Chris are about using the product himself, talking to others who use the product, and looking at their competitor's to improve.

“Good design comes from bad design. When you ask someone what they don't like about a product they are very quick to tell you many aspects, and knowing this is the foundation of good design,” Chris mentioned.

Chris Surfing

Chris has gone as far as to join water clubs and races in order to better understand the products and their everyday users - this was prior to Rhino-Rack redesigning their popular watersport range. Kayak Racing has now become a regular part of Chris’ R&D schedule. His drive and determination for competing motivates his insightful need for better-designed products.

Chris is just one of many enthusiasts that work in the Engineering team, and this goes to show that Rhino-Rack encourages combining the skills of leisure, with the skills required for work - who could wish for a better job than that!



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