Rhino-Rack Selfie Bracket

Rhino-Rack Selfie Bracket

  • 01 April 2017
  • Rhino-Rack
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April fools

The Rhino-Rack Selfie Bracket is a concept derived from three of modern societies most important needs. 

  1. Capture every moment
  2. Share every moment
  3. Ensure all your friends and family cannot doubt you did it

We have created a device which will help you prove to all your friends and family you are the one at the wheel. 

The Rhino-Rack Selfie Bracket is made from adamantium for maximum strength. Designed for versatility, the stick features 360 degrees of rotation with a retractable mobile mount to capture your good side in both landscape and portrait. The Selfie Bracket can be installed to Rhino-Rack's Vortex, Heavy Duty and Pioneer systems using a universal channel mount. 

Tested by our fun and adventurous staff, the Rhino-Rack Selfie Bracket surpasses the harsh conditions of Australia's unpredictable weather. This is a product you can depend on from a company that you know and trust. 


  • Aesthetic design lets you take on-road selfies in style
  • Perpendicular and parallel mounting
  • Retractable mobile mount
  • Installation using our universal channel mount
  • Light weight design ensures easy transportation and fitment
  • Flexible arm anchor points
  • Orbital ball joint with 360-degree rotation
  • Original adamantium steel used for maximum strength
  • Landscape and portrait mobile mounting system
  • Steel reinforced cabling provides stability and allows your setup to survive extreme environments



    Hey what a fab idea how much??

    03/04/2017 02:36:05 PM Reply Report Abuse
  2. brayden

    Is this real?

    03/04/2017 02:35:58 PM Reply Report Abuse

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