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Sun Protection these Summer Holidays

  • 22 January 2020
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Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, many Australian’s spend their time in the beautiful great outdoors. Having a family lunch on the beach or at the local reserve is a familiar pastime for many of us, but we often forget to use sun protection methods while we are out in the harsh elements and UV radiation.

Cancer Council Australia always recommends 5 methods of sun protection when heading out into the outdoors.

These being –

  • Wear protection clothing
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Put on your hat
  • Seek shade
  • Slide on sunnies


While most of these can easily be done at home and before you get into the car to head to your destination, seeking shade is a trickier one especially if you will be based on a beach or open area for the day. This is where car shade awnings come in super handy!

With a UPF50+ rating to provide excellent protection from UV radiation, our Rhino-Rack Batwing and Sunseeker awnings are both Cancer Council endorsed products, helping to keep you sun safe while relaxing at your chosen destination. Every purchase of one of these awnings goes towards cancer research and services.

To give you a rundown of our awning range – we have our Batwing and Batwing Compact awning, and the Sunseeker 2.0m and 2.5m versions. Hopefully we can help you select the best awning to suit your needs and specific vehicle with the following information.

Batwing – Our Batwing is both stylish and functional, with 270 degrees of shade and 11m2 of coverage making it perfect for any adventure! It is made from a heavy duty, water resistant and mould resistant material that has been trialed and tested to a UPF50+ rating. The Batwing product includes brackets to mount your awning directly to our Pioneer Platform range.

Batwing Compact – The Batwing Compact still boasts an impressive 270 degrees of shade but is more suited to 4WD vehicles with short wheelbases and small to medium vehicles. With 6.4m2 of coverage, it’s the perfect addition for any off road or camping trip. This kit includes all brackets suitable for Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems.

Sunseeker 2.5m – Our Sunseeker awning is for those vehicles which wouldn’t necessarily suit the 270 degree Batwing range, but it is still a great option for portable shade. With a sleek and stylish design, the Sunseeker 2.5m awning is 2500mm in length and rolls out to 2100mm. It’s made from water and mould resistant canvas, and is UV Protected with a rating of UPF50+.

Sunseeker 2.0m – The Sunseeker 2.0m awning provides protection from the elements on your outdoor adventures. It is compact version of the 2.5m Sunseeker and is perfect for smaller sized vehicles. All the Sunseeker accessories are still compatible with this awning – such as the Awning Extensions, Side Wall and Mesh Room.

View the range of awning accessories here:

Always remember, shade does not provide 100% protection. Some of the sun's UV can still reach you in the shade by reflecting off surrounding surfaces. As a rule of thumb if you can see the sky, you are less than fully protected so always combine shade with clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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