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Awning Buying Guide

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An awning is a fantastic way to take your adventure to the next level, and Rhino-Rack has a range to suit just about any application.

There are a few things you need to consider if you’re in the market for an awning. You don’t need to over-complicate things, but before making a purchase you should ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want my awning to achieve?

If it’s simply to throw some shade on a hot camp site, Rhino-Rack’s Batwing and Sunseeker awnings are the perfect solution. The Sunseeker can be mounted from the side, extending straight out and creating a little slice of paradise on your campsite.

The Batwing extends from side to rear, fanning out across 270 degrees. The size of your camping crew, the location of your regular campsites, and size of your rig will inform which option is most applicable to you.

The Batwing Compact is a variation that differs slightly with a 500mm reduction in length to accommodate smaller vehicles and those with fewer shade demands. Also by using a lightweight polyester/polyurethane coating the waterproof rating of the Foxwing Eco is 2000mm, and the frame is constructed from rust-proof anodised aluminium which makes it strong and durable.

Foxwing Eco


How big is the area I want covered?

When it comes to how much shade you want to create, Rhino-Rack’s awning base range offers a number of options. It’s also important to remember that these awnings are compatible with many accessories, all of which can help customise your set up to suit your needs.

Sunseeker 2.0

Rhino-Rack Sunseeker:

Rhino-Rack Batwing:

  • Batwing Compact - 2000mm extension with 270 degrees of coverage - 6.4m2 
  • Batwing - 2500mm extension with 270 degrees of coverage - 10m2 

To see what mounting hardware is required for your roof rack type, visit the features section of each awning’s product page at

Batwing 270 degree awning


The Sunseekers and Batwing are all constructed using the same tough as nails canvas; ripstop, lightweight, and mould resistant. The outer bags are a 580g/m2 water resistant fibre reinforced PVC material. The awnings all have an independently test UV 50+ rating and are endorsed by the Cancer Council.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re heading out on, an awning will only enhance the experience. Whether you need a cool spot to pitch your tent, or a dry and shady spot to sizzle your sausages, no serious camper should be without an awning. 

2.5m Sunseeker

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