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Roof Rack Buying Guide

The first thing to consider when purchasing roof racks is what you want to use them for as this will dictate which leg, bar or Pioneer you need. Generally, roof racks are broken down into two components, legs and crossbars or legs and Platform.

Step One - Select your vehicle from the vehicle selector

This will show what is available for your vehicle. Knowing what fits on your vehicle will help you decide as roof rack fitments will depend on the vehicle roof design. Most vehicles will only have one leg type available however vehicles commonly used for commercial purposes or off-roading may have a lot more to choose from.


Step Two - Figure out what leg type suites you

(example only,
actual leg will vary)
Leg Type Details
Example Pad and clamp mount Pad and Clamp
Pad and clamp roof rack systems are specifically moulded to fit individual vehicle roof contours with fits for Vortex and Euro Crossbars. Usually fitted to vehicles with bare roofs, pad and clamp systems come in flush and overhang. These fitments are recommended for use on sealed roads and are great for transporting everyday recreational gear and household needs. Suitable for home installation, with all the tools required to fit in the box. A typical fitment may take 30minutes.
Example Fixed Mounting point Fixed Mounting Points (FMP)
Some vehicles have roof rack mounting points built into the roof. This mounting method is generally more secure and have higher load ratings. We develop FMP systems for all our crossbars including Overhang and Flush options for Vortex bars. The range of crossbars offered for each vehicle may vary depending on the vehicles use (domestic/commercial/off-road). FMP systems are easy to install at home with a stylish design and are recommended for off-road use due to increased fixture strength.
Example Ditchmount Ditch Mount Ditch mounts provide fixed mounting points to attach roof racks more securely to your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't come with FMPs, the ditch mounts are a great solution to providing a stronger fit. Ditch mounts should be installed by an authorised rhino-rack dealer. This mounting option is more suitable for off-road driving with fitments available for Heavy Duty and Vortex crossbars.
Example Trackmount Trackmount

Trackmounts provide a stronger mounting point than the pad and clamp systems while providing more flexibility than an FMP system. Roof racks can be removed and additional bars added as desired. Some vehicles will require tracks to be fitted which can be done through an authorised Rhino-Rack dealer. The stronger fitment style and flexibility make trackmounts the perfect solution for weekend adventurers.

Example Roof Rail mount Flush & Elivated Roof Rails Vehicles with roof rails will most commonly use SX or StealthBar fitments (elevated roof rails only). Roof Rail fitments are easy to install at home with all the necessary tools inside the box. SX and StealthBar systems are recommended for sealed roads and are great for transporting recreational gear and household needs. These racks feature the Vortex bar, Rhino-Racks most versatile bar with the largest range of recreational accessories.
Example Guttermount Guttermount Designed to fit to your vehicles gutters these systems are easy to install and remove at home with all the equipment provided in the box. Options available for both Heavy Duty and Vortex bars these are quick solutions for your recreational and commercial needs.


Step Three – Choose the bar you want based on your desired use

  • Vortex
  • Flush and Overhang
  • Lightweight and Strong Aluminum
  • Black & Silver
  • Weekend adventurer, these racks work seamlessly with our recreation accessories such as kayak carriers, bike racks, fishing, luggage boxes, snow and more. You can fit our accessories to these bars using the C-Channels. If you are after a rack to regularly transport bikes, kayaks, skis and snowboards, or fix an awning to these will suit you well. They have a high load rating and are aerodynamic in design with the patented VGS rubber strip which has been designed to reduce wind drag and noise.
    Heavy Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Overhang
  • Aluminum
  • Black & Silver
  • These bars are designed for Tradies and 4WDing, with a huge range of off-road and trade accessories available you can easily transform your vehicle from work to play where required.
    Pioneer Tradie
  • Pioneer
  • Aluminum & Fiberglass re-enforced nylon
  • Black
  • Designed to make it easier for you, the Rhino-Rack Pioneer range is a world first for Rhino-Rack. The Pioneer range is lightweight, strong and durable enough to endure any environment and flexible enough to carry almost anything. The Pioneer systems also allow you to take more gear with you and when you are stationary you can have up to 360kg / 800lb on some vehicles. They are the preferred method for mounting roof top tents and have a massive range of accessories for every purpose. Find out more
    Euro Bar
  • Euro
  • Overhang
  • Steel
  • Black
  • Euro bars are designed for all basic roof rack requirements, recommended for light irregular use. They are ideal if you want to transport items secured down with ropes and straps.

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