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Steps and Ladders Buying Guide

Deciding the best option for you depends on three easy questions. Once you know what you want features you require or want for your ladder or step, check out the product table below to choose the best fit.

How tall is your vehicle?

If your vehicle isn’t very high and you just need a small leg up you’ll most likely be happy with a wheel step. Otherwise you may want to consider a ladder to ensure you have the full reach required.

What type of racks?

Ladders are designed to fit with specific products for safety reasons. You want to ensure your ladder is designed for your racks, so you don’t injure yourself or damage your vehicle. Check out the roof rack compatibility drop down on the products page to ensure it is safe to use.  

Storage of the ladder step?

If you don’t have much room inside the vehicle you may want to consider something that can be stored outside the vehicle. You should check the Features list and product compatibility for storage options.



Rhino-Rack Folding Ladder (RFL)

Aluminum Folding Ladder (RAFL)

Rhino-Rack Wheel Step (RWS)

Image Rhino-rack Folding ladder RFL Rhino-rack Folding ladder RFL Rhino-rack Folding ladder RFL
Vehicle Height Suitable for all vehicles Suitable for all vehicle heights Best suited for small to medium height vehicles
Roof Rack Type
  • AT-Trays
  • Pioneer Trays
  • Pioneer Tradies
  • Steel Mesh Platforms
  • Steel Mesh Baskets
Note: Product/Roof Rack must sit above the tyre.
  • Pioneer Platforms
  • Pioneer Trays
  • Pioneer Tradies
Suitable for all roof rack systems
Storage Internal vehicle storage External vehicle storage using the RUFLB Internal vehicle storage

NOTE: For a full list of product features view the product page.

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