AGFEST Tasmania
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AGFEST Tasmania




03 May 2018




05 May 2018


415 Oaks Rd, Carrick

Agfest takes great pride in offering something for everyone to see and do. Whether you are in the market for new machinery, a new vehicle or just interested in seeing what is new on the market, Agfest is the place for you.

Interested in history and where Agriculture has come from? The Heritage Display is where you need to go to. Looking for a gift for Mothers Day? The Craft Pavilions house some of the best handmade craft Tasmania has to offer. And when you need to take a break, head to the Beta Milk Unique Tastes pavilion where you can enjoy some great Tasmanian produce and a glass of wine.

Experienced Rhino-Rack staff will be there to showcase the latest products and help you design your ultimate setup.

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