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Quality Policy

Our company policy is to deliver high quality products and product information to the total satisfaction of our Customers both Wholesale & Retail, Employees, Directors & Shareholders.

We will do this by carefully and effectively pursuing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System based on: 

  1. Company loyalty
  2. Training and education
  3. A commitment to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as customer requirements.
  4. A commitment to continually improve
  5. Communication
  6. Achieving objectives

and by creating a Quality System within the Company for which everybody can work in a harmonious and productive environment to provide 100% on-time delivery of fault-free products and customer satisfaction. 

With the continuation of growth within the Company, data will be continuously upgraded by continuous monitoring of market trends and technical advancement.  This will allow us to stay at the top of our field. 

This Quality Management System will lead to a strong commitment to staff education, and allow us to lead a friendly, cooperative relationship with our suppliers and customers.  
It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and practise the principles of the Quality Management System and continuously improve it. 


Richard Cropley, Managing Director
15th August 2017


Implemented: 25th February 1997 | Last Reviewed: 15th August 2017 | Next Review: 15th August 2019

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