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Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader

All prices are listed in AUD & exclude freight & fitting charges
$176.00 AUD (RRP inc GST)

The Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader is incredibly useful when loading your SUP, Longboard, Kayak, Canoe or other long gear onto your roof racks. Designed for a one person operation it is a simple process. Set up your Universal Side Loader then lift one side of your load onto the accessory using it as a pivot to load the other end onto the crossbars.


Loading your SUP, kayak, canoe, surfboard and ladders couldn't be any easier and only takes seconds. Watch our video below to see how simple it really is!

Just remember to tie down your load once it is safely on the crossbars, using our Tie Down Straps.


  • Single person use
  • Clamps to suit all popular roof racks
  • Quick Release Strap
  • Heavy Duty Storage bag is included
  • Includes support pole for loads greater than 20kg / 44lb (max 60kg / 132lb)
  • Integrated load stop prevents load from sliding off the bar
  • Padding on the underside of the clamps to protect your vehicle's roof


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Q1. I'm 52 and not technically savvy, will I be able to use this product?

A1. Absolutely. The steps to getting your cargo on and off the car are simple and the grunt work is taken out of the process by the Universal Side Loader's Engineering.

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