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Rhino Rack's Web Services is Now Available!

Rhino-Rack is happy to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Web Services. The Web Services will benefit all dealers with websites regardless of e-commerce capabilities.

What is this "web services" you talk about?

The web services enables you to have a complete list of fitted vehicles and Rhino-Rack products readily available on your website without having to maintain or update your existing site.

Is it easy to use and set up?

Yes it is. Rhino-Rack have set up three different services. Web Starter, Web Pro and Web Pro+. Initial setup for these services vary in complexity, however once set up, just sit back and enjoy your sales grow!

Tell me more about the three Web Services Rhino-Rack are offering.

Web Starter

A rack selector is displayed on your website which lets your customers select their vehicle and view compatible products. It is the most simplistic and easy to set up service and is designed for non eCommerce websites.

Web Pro

A rack selector displayed on your eCommerce website that will pass cart data to your shopping cart. Payment, processing and shipping are responsibilities of the dealer.

Web Pro+

The fully integrated service option available for dealers allowing you to create your own vehicle selector and select the products you want to sell. It is highly customisable but you'll need a good developer on hand to assist you with setup.

Jo's Racks - Demo Website

We have also set up a demo website called Jo's Racks that you can use to see first hand how the Rhino-Rack Web Services will work.

The website is split up into the three different Web Services on offer so click through to each of the Web Services to see which option would better assist your website.

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Sounds and looks good, how do I get started?

If you are interested, we ask that you fill out our registration form using the button below.

We will then get back to you with further information to help you get started.

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The terms and conditions of use is available at the end of the form. Otherwise, you can view the terms and conditions here.

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