Carry serious loads to work with the new industry-leading roof rack


Are you looking to carry some serious loads to your worksite? Whether you’re carrying ladders, pipes, or construction equipment, the new Rhino-Rack Toyota HiAce Gen 6 Backbone will be the perfect addition to the rooftop of your van.

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Toyota HiAce with Backbone and 4-Bar Heavy Duty Racks

The new Rhino-Rack Backbone system varies from our standard 3-bar leg system as it allows for a 4th bar to be fitted. This system will connect to your vehicle’s roof via three bases on each side. Not only will the new mounting system help distribute the weight of your load to minimise swaying but it also allows you to maximise your carrying capacity and load limit to up to 120kg.

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Aerodynamically designed, the new Rhino-Rack Backbone offers minimal wind drag and reduces noise on the road. Crafted with non-corrosive, durable stainless steel, the latest mounting system from Rhino-Rack won’t rust or fade and is built to last, ensuring longevity throughout your workdays.


Features of the HiAce Backbone System:

  • Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road.
  • Made from non corrosive Stainless Steel allowing you maximum carrying capacity
  • Compatible with RB1650B Heavy Duty Bars
  • 100kg load limit
  • System Weight: 22.1kg / 48.72lbs (Backbone + 4 HD Bars)
  • 1.5 hour installation time


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